Victoria Keeble : Midsummer Unicorn

collagraph from an edition of 30

248mm x 248mm



Victoria draws inspiration from extensive travels in the UK and Europe, and her illustrative work shows her love of pattern, texture and fluidity of line.

Subject matter is often derived from classic legends and sometimes inspiration is sparked by a poem or fairy tale, a chance remark or simply 'out of the blue'. Victoria's work typically features natural forms, including animals, birds and mythical beasts, and humour where appropriate.

Printmaking techniques include etching, screen printing, wood engraving, and her favoured medium of collograph printing. This is technique of adding a variety of materials to a cardboard or metal base, which is then inked and printed in either intaglio or relief. The card is often cut in order to obtain the desired effects. Assiduous cleaning of the plate before printing is essential and the most time consuming part of the process.


Victoria Keeble 'Midsummer Unicorn' collagraph