Size 125cms x 125cms. Hand-finished machine-rolled hem.100%

Habotai silk square, medium weight 10 momme (43gsm), digitally printed.


There’s no such thing as “no colour” when you consider this scarf. All subtle shadings of greys and browns, makes this an interesting and versatile scarf, eminently suitable for the white t-shirt and jeans, or the lacy white dress. Great for the men who aren’t so flamboyant for my other designs and folded four times lengthwise into a cravat, it’s just the thing for a sombre winter coat. Whoever wears this design will enjoy the super soft feel of the silk and the lightness of the weight.


Item is colourfast. Cool hand-wash and warm iron or dry clean.

Shelley Faye Lazar The Cool of the Summer Evenings Silk Scarf