100% Habotai silk square, medium weight 10 momme (43gsm), digitally printed.

Size 125cms x 125cms. Hand-finished machine-rolled hem.


This design began from the centre and worked out towards the borders. It’s simply a form of mediation in the form of needlework on canvas. The only restrictions being the grid of the mono canvas. Stitches go diagonally, one way or another, breaking the “rules” but allowing the light to reflect and give a subtle sparkle. Rich colours of blues, browns, purples, greens inspired by landscapes of our country in its most bountiful of seasons. Elegant in its composition of colours and designs, the square shape will allow you to style in playful and attractive ways.



Item is colourfast. Cool hand-wash and warm iron or dry clean.

Shelley Faye Lazar Summer Flags at the Seaside Silk Scarf