Size 125cms x 125cms. Hand-finished machine-rolled hem.

100% Habotai silk square, medium weight 10 momme (43gsm), digitally printed.


A design inspired by Shetland knitting and the dynamic grid of repeat patterns. A limited colour selection adds to the uniformity of this design. A centre square forms the centre panel and patterns border the sides, adding to the richness of this delightful composition. These colours will lend themselves to unlimited occasions and outfits, making a distinctive luxurious look to your style. When you feel the smooth silk your hand expects the feel of stitches or even the wool of Shetland knitwear, but this is so much more - soft and sensual, inviting you to wear and enjoy!


Item is colourfast. Cool hand-wash and warm iron or dry clean


Shelley Faye Lazar Shetland Summer Silk Scarf