Shelly Perkins limited edition digital print " OLD HOLLOW" (unframed price)

42 x 59 cm


Shelly's work is created in a highly unusual way combining a variety of techniques both traditional and contemporary.  

She starts working by hand with strong, fluid line drawings, painted textures, water colour washes and found textiles which she then brings together digitally, layering up all of the hand rendered elements with the line drawings on top and the colour, textures and washes at varying levels of opacity underneath.  




Her finished illustrations are stored as detailed files sometimes comprising over 150 layers meaning that their only output is as digital prints.  Shelly prints all her illustrations using the Giclee technique a form of archival quality digital printing. All the prints on this site are sold in short run limited editions of just 50.  The prints are not a copy or scan of an original piece but an original output for the work in their own right, making them highly unusual and collectable pieces of art which feature in private and public collections all over the world.





Shelly Perkins " Old Hollow"