Mollie Meager " Potrait in Glass" Leaded painted glass panel : 
10.5 x 13 cm

ABOUT MOLLIE ( in her own words):
"I am a painter and trained in the 1960's as an Interior Designer and Mural Artist. a mural artist and calligraphy teacher before moving to glass in 1990 after training in Stained Glass at the West of England Academy, Queens Road, Bristol with Mark Angus. Since then I have mainly worked in glassI am an architectural glass artist and my interest is in light, colour and space. Stained glass offers transparency which means that the world beyond the glass becomes part of the glass itself and makes the imagery on the glass always changing. Some of the techniques hold the eye on the glass and some wash the world beyond in colour. I enjoy storytelling which I do on glass, pottery and paper and sometimes on walls as murals"


13 x 10.5cm

Mollie Meager " Portrait in Glass"


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