Marie Therese King  limited edition print of "Snowdrops and Ladybirds"

Image 21 x 21 cm

 ( in a mount but unframed)

"I am based in Malvern, Worcestershire.   I have a foundation in graphic design with a Degree from Norths Staffordshire Poly (now Uni) in Multi Disciplinary design. I have passion for British wildlife, in particular, birds, butterflies wild flowers and insects. My main discipline is batik, the ancient Indonesian art-form of layering melted wax and water based dyes on cotton to create delicate and exquisite designs.


I come from a family of horticulturists, gardeners, bird watchers and keen walkers where my back garden ranged from fruit orchards to the Cotswold hills, where I spent a large part of my childhood. I am constantly drawing and observing what is around me and I regularly walk in the AONB Malvern hills.

I also have a love of the coast and the birds that visit; puffins, gannets, oystercatchers, terns, curlews and sandpipers and have run a number of batik and birdwatching holidays in southern Portugal where European bee eaters and golden oriels became the subject of some of my batiks.

I am a member of the Worcester Guild of Designer Craftsmen. Since 2003 I have been runningEekbatik, a dynamic business taking batik workshops into 100's of schools all over the country."

Marie Therese King limited edition giclee print " Snowdrops and Ladybirds"