Kathleen Murphy

A handstitched, 3D creature sculpted from wool-mix felt and repurposed materials. Lintle stands upon a tweed-covered, cotton reel plinth, holding a trio of balls of wool. A leafy vine twists around her legs and tail. 
Stands approximately 16cm tall x 6cm wide.


Kathleen Murphy is a maker who specialises in constructing with needle and thread. Within Kathleen's workspace there is a portal to another place - a vast wooded landscape called Skyruda Binrog. Here, ably assisted by two characters, Murgatroyd, an owl and Bean, a hare, the trio are guardians to the landscape's stories and myths. It is a colourful, 3D, boldly embroidered world populated by shy woodland dwellers, dark spirits and oversized leaves. 

Kathleen Murphy Lintle the Lioness