Jeanne Jackson triangular jug with toucan and chameleon.

Matt outside, glazed inside

Height 11cm



I have a BA in Ceramics from Bristol and did further post graduate study at Saratoga University, New York State. My first studio was in London`s dockland; after 5 years I moved to Oxfordshire and established a studio here. I have combined teaching art and ceramics with working in my studio for most of my career.

I like to frequently explore new materials and techniques and my work is constantly evolving. Drawing is  important in the development of my painted decoration. Travels in Africa, Madagascar and Central America have been rich sources of imagery which I have developed into unique designs. In the past I worked in stoneware and porcelain but I have recently  been focusing on using white earthenware clays. The lower firing temperature and whiteness enable me to achieve the effects I want with my decoration which involves 5 different processes. Although decorative, all pieces are fully functional.

Jeanne Jackson Toucan and Chameleon jug