Corinne Carr. Striped lambswool scarf  " Gone Surfing"

So so so s-o-f-t !


Painting with wool" - How it all began...

“My first knitting machine was borrowed from a friend,” she explains. “Our home was an old Cornish cottage, more or less derelict, that had partly been used as a barn prior to our moving in. There was no running water and no mains electricity for ages, so for a long time I had only an ancient Singer sewing machine with a black cast iron treadle.” This rural Cornish life she had chosen was a far cry from her upbringing in central Paris, having been born and raised near the Trocadero and studying literature at the Sorbonne. But it was a wonderful time, even though there was not much money as she was at home with two young boys and the house needed so much improvement. A close friend offered to lend her a knitting machine - she accepted gratefully and immediately set about making jumpers for her family. “Knitting machines were new on the market from Japan. Home knitting offered an amazing new possibility for a lot of women in rural England – a wonderful way to combine motherhood, financial independence and the fulfilment of making your own clothing.” 

Corinne Carr "Gone Surfing" lambswool scarf


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