Amanda Rawling Tiffany etched glass panel.

" Three Seeds on the Breeze"

 13.5 x 13.5 cm


"I live near Lands End, in Cornwall, a craggy peninsula, full of ancient beauty, carns, standing stones, hut circles, it’s as if the ancestors are ever present. It’s a mineral rich landscape, and the history of this place is partially forged underground, where hard days of toil produced the gemstones and metals with which I work. I feel a strong relationship to wild creatures, and the landscape.


My work is hand fabricated using traditional techniques and often traditional tools. I studied metal work and glass art at Strode College, Somerset, and general art and design at Falmouth Art School, Cornwall, and am also self-taught. I love exploring ways to convey my ideas through a variety of materials and finding new inspirations on my rambles around the Cornish countryside."

Amanda Rawling 'Three Seeds on the Breeze' glass panel