September 7 - 15


Jo Dewar

Jo is a wire and textile artist. She knits and manipulates coloured copper wire into jewellery and 3D pieces. Her work evolves quite frequently as the material is malleable and therefore, able to turn the woven wire into a textile that is worked and shaped into a wide range of art forms. Jo also has a love for hand/machine embroidery used in embroidery pictures and miniature shoes.


Ben Homer

Demonstrating .​

As a youth Ben helped raise funds for his local Young Farmers Club by picking cider apples and perry pears at the weekends. As it turned out he was really bad at this simple process as he became fascinated by how gnarly, knobbly and rotten the fruit were. Today this fascination has inspired a series of unique sculptural apples and pears created taking advantage of natural growths and flaws in the wood.


Jocelyn Perry

Jocelyn is a designer/maker of fine beadwork jewellery. The pieces can be subtle, dramatic, tonal, colourful, bold or persuasive. The pieces often play with geometric form, in one, two or thee dimensions, adding a quirk, so that they are not quite so geometrical as may, at first, appear!

The wearer adds their personality and the piece becomes a statement. Jocelyn maintains the highest standard of workmanship. 


Marie-Therese King

Marie-Therese has a passion for British wildlife, in particular, birds, butterflies, wild flowers and insects. Her main discipline is batik, the ancient Indonesian art-form of layering melted wax and water based dyes on cotton to create delicate and exquisite designs.


Her batik work is created in exquisite detail, at times carefully controlling the flowing hot wax, to create the wing of a bumble bee and at times allowing it just to flow. Marie-Therese's designs are a mixture of well observed subjects in stylised and contemporary environments, rich in colour and contrast.


Janis Waldron

Janis is a designer and maker of jewellery and miniature teddy bears. She makes jewellery using silver and copper along with semi-precious stones and beads. She also makes miniature teddy bears and rabbits using mohair or plush fabrics.

Valerie McLean

Valerie's paintings and prints are about memory, landscape and sacred places. Recently, her small square canvases record memories of long walks in the countryside around Ledbury. She has a particular interest in bookart and the value of sketchbooks and journals and uses sketchbook pages to illustrate published books such as the most recent book about the poet Edward Thomas. 


Hiromi Nakajima

Hiromi is originally from Japan. She makes animals, mainly horses, hippos, cats and birds. Each animal is hand made. Her idea of making animals comes from the time she worked with horses at stables. Hiromi likes working with animals - their behaviour is so absorbing and entertaining that she feels they could almost talk. She would like to share this through the ceramics she makes and hopes that the animals she creates will bring a smile to your face.


Sasha Rae

Sasha lives in the shadow of the beautiful Malvern Hills, a place which gives her constant inspiration. She makes bold and lively prints of birds and natural forms using simplified images to express character and movement. Each original design is hand screen printed onto high quality heavyweight paper ready for framing. Her textile prints are hand screen printed onto beautifully soft natural linen using environmentally friendly inks.


Carol James, Silverfish

Carol enjoys experimenting with different metals and decorative techniques and the effect of heat on the metals surface. Her jewellery designs are handcrafted, mainly in sterling silver and occasionally in gold. Her style is contemporary and organic, exploring textural effects and contrasts, and the way light plays on the surface of the metal. She takes influence from the natural and ancient worlds using these to create unusual and unique pieces.

Hyacinths - Pippa Meddings.jpeg

Pippa Meddings

Working experimentally in acrylics, watercolours and mixed media, Pippa paints plants and the local landscape, working on location around Herefordshire and Malvern and then back at her studio. She tries to capture the spirit of the subject using translucent glazes, heavier opaque layers, loose expressive strokes and drawing back into the surface she has created to introduce detail.


Jane Stockley

Jane designs and creates handwoven textiles from her home in Worcestershire, taking her inspiration from the seasonal changing moods and colours of the landscape, most especially the Malvern Hills and the surrounding Worcestershire/Herefordshire countryside. All her work is individually handcrafted on a variety of multi-shaft table looms or an old 4-shaft counterbalance loom. Jane mainly works with natural fibres – wool, silk, alpaca, cotton and linen – which are often hand dyed in small batches, so that no two pieces are ever quite the same.


Jo Verity

Mixed Media and Decoupage artist Jo is inspired by life and death in nature, and what happens when the natural world repossesses items that were once ours and returns them back to the earth.  


Anna Mitchell

Anna is a ceramic artist whose work is inspired by nature and walking in the landscape. Her latest collection is a celebration of the diversity of species in our local patches, the small details that we notice when we slow down and pay attention to our surroundings. Her pieces include framed 2D ceramic art as well as pots and vases. 


Anna Cumming

Anna is a contemporary oil painter, who uses explorative and expressive techniques to strive to capture the mood and energy of a time and place.  She has a tendency to bold use of colour and texture, and is most drawn to scenes where the elements are at work, so expect clouds to be whipping past and waves crashing...


Christine Harris

Christine loves designing handspun, home dyed and hand knitted items, from fingerless mitts to jumpers. She uses local wool, usually Shetland, and alpaca and can demonstrate Fair Isle techniques, including steeking.

Spinning is an ancient craft that is so relaxing to do, and it's exciting to take raw fibre and transform it into something beautiful and useful.