Welcome to blue-ginger and our showcase for talented artists and craftspeople. 

Our gallery is situated in the grounds of a timber framed farmhouse just four miles from the Malvern Hills. We offer a beautiful and diverse range of products specially selected to suit a range of budgets. Limited edition cards, prints, pottery, paintings and even hand-crafted chocolate can all be found here. And in addition to serving fair-trade coffee and tea, we also offer homemade cakes and delicious light lunches.


Adjacent to the main gallery, you will find contemporary jewellery by SilverFish Designs and the specialist services of 

mi-frame picture framing. These, together with our Summer House display space and the events that regularly take place, make blue-ginger a very special place to visit. We hope to see you soon. 

As we won’t be opening to the public for the foreseeable future, due to the Corvid-19 pandemic, we have put an amazing line up of fantastic artists’ work into an ONLINE SHOP. Thank you for SUPPORTING OUR FREE LANCE AND SELF-EMPLOYED ARTISTS.

Small Art for Acorns

This year the exhibition and bidding will only appear online in the Small Art for Acorns album on the blue-ginger gallery Facebook page … with more small, magical pieces of donated artwork being added day by day as they arrive. 


As the artwork begins to appear in the album, you'll be able to start bidding on this Facebook page and final bids will be taken at midnight on 4th October. 


All the proceeds of the auction will go to ACORNS CHILDRENS' HOSPICE in Worcester



1. HOW DO I BID? You need a secret bidder number. Email sue@blue-ginger.com or message her through Facebook to ask for one. It will be the letter B followed by your personal number. (B = bidder)


 2. Every time you want to place a bid you need to contact Sue, either by message or by email. She will then add your bid to the picture.


 3. Each picture in the auction will have a number preceded by the letter A. (A = Artist) 


4. CAN I TAKE PART FROM OUTSIDE THE UK? Yes you can. If you are successful, payment must be made in £ sterling through PayPal. 


5. I'M AN ARTIST - CAN I DONATE TO THE AUCTION? Yes! Please do! Send something small. It can be in any medium and 2D or 3D. It must be original artwork, and easy for me to post out to successful bidders.

Every year artists, and some of our creative customers and followers, generously donate a small piece of their artwork. Photos of the donated work appear on the blue-ginger gallery Facebook page, and in previous years you could see it if you visited the gallery. 

Featured Artists

Tall Stories ... featuring Frans Wesselman and Victoria Keeble


It’s a great comfort and distraction to enter the world of fiction, whether the written word, the spoken word  or a visual image. In the same way that Alice slips down the rabbit hole or through the mirror or the way that the children clamber through the wardrobe to enter the world of Narnia, we invite you to stretch and tease your imaginations with a painting, print or creative image from our exhibition. This exhibition seeks to invite you into that world through illustration and story. Accompanying writings and poems, central to the artists’ inspiration will be sprinkled along the way, on FaceBook and Instagram.

Enjoy Jo Cross's beautiful recording of The Owl and the Pussy Cat or Bruce Herriot's reading of Christopher Marlow's poem "The Passionate Shepherd to his Love" before taking a look inside TALL STORIES.

Shepherd and his Love
Shepherd and his Love


Home End Farm
Stiffords Bridge
Cradley, Malvern
WR13 5NW

01886 880240


closed until 2021