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Our gallery is situated in the grounds of a timber framed farmhouse just four miles from the Malvern Hills. We offer a beautiful and diverse range of products specially selected to suit a range of budgets. Limited edition cards, prints, pottery, paintings and even hand-crafted chocolate can all be found here. And in addition to serving fair-trade coffee and tea, we also offer homemade cakes and delicious light lunches.


Adjacent to the main gallery, you will find contemporary jewellery by SilverFish Designs and the specialist services of 

mi-frame picture framing. These, together with our Summer House display space and the events that regularly take place, make blue-ginger a very special place to visit. We hope to see you soon. 

As we won’t be opening to the public for the foreseeable future, due to the Corvid-19 pandemic, but we have an amazing line up of fantastic artists’ work, we've quickly created an ONLINE SHOP for JUNGLE and Blue-Ginger Gallery. Please bear with us as we may have bugs and gremlins with the site, and the feasibility of posting items keeps changing, but know we're doing the best we can to bring you some cheer during this challenging time. Thank you for SUPPORTING OUR FREE LANCE AND SELF-EMPLOYED ARTISTS.

Featured Artists

Jungle ... collated by Tamsin Abbott


This should have been our opening exhibition. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy this exhibition later in the year.

Tamsin Abbott
Tamsin Abbott makes painted and engraved, stained glass panels, depicting the rural landscape, folklore and fairytale. Her work is collected worldwide For this exhibition she has taken inspiration from the richness and colour of the wild, steamy jungle environment and created her own jewel like exotic scenes in stained glass.
Jo Verity
Jo has a great love and respect for folk law within nature and the cycle of life and death within the natural world. She is inspired to recreate the journey of repossession by our land of animals and objects that once lived among us that are now being returned to the earth. Sometimes a little on the dark side each piece tells its own unique story.
Nigel Lambert
Nigel’s slip-decorated wood-fired earthenware has earned him international recognition. His thrown and altered pots combine bold contemporary shapes, with a unique style of decoration and strong sense of function. The pots are fired in a large woodfired kiln fuelled with softwood off-cuts. This method of firing is un-predictable and challenging, ash and flames adding an extra quality to the finished glaze. Recent developments with low fired red Japanese enamel add an extra layer of visual depth.
Pratima Kramer
Pratima’s artistic journey began with drawing and painting. She has only recently come to work with ceramics as a medium of expression and absolutely loves it. She also works with glass, and sometimes combine the two. Her sculptures interplay with finely balanced nature, beauty, imperfections and the fragility of the world around us.
Katerina Christou
Katerina founded her studio in Loughborough after completing a decorative arts degree at Nottingham Trent University. Katerina creates decorative yet functional pieces in jewel like colours to adorn the living space working with both fused and blown glass.
Claudia Petley and Paul Shepherd
Claudia and Paul Petley started their business together in 1992 and undertook a wide variety of work; gates, railings, staircases, weather-vanes and even made the centre motif lion and unicorn for Kensington Palace gates. They also made interior items such as furniture, mirrors, candlesticks, chandeliers and fire irons.Paul and Claudia's interest in sculptural forms and Nature has led them to concentrate their skills on making sculptural pieces, in particular, life size birds.
Jo Dewar
Jo knits and manipulates coloured copper wire into jewellery and 3D pieces. Her work evolves quite frequently as the material is malleable and therefore, able to turn the woven wire into a textile that is worked and shaped into a wide range of art forms.
Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy is a maker who specialises in constructing with needle and thread, inspired by the wooded landscape, folklore and fairytales. By combining handstitch with found objects and repurposed materials, she creates colourful, boldly embroidered, 3D pieces, including masks and puppets, with a strong sense of narrative.
Rachel Larkins
Rachel Larkins has been making automata, figurative sculptures and jewellery inspired by folklore and fairy tales for over twenty years. Her work encompasses drawing and narrative sculptures and is held in numerous private collections and has been featured at The Design Museum and Automates Galeries, Brussels. Rachel graduated with an MA in Sequential Design/ Illustration in 2013 following an early training in Textile Art.
Clare de la Torre
Clare de la Torre is a jeweller who loves to make hollow shapes, so at Blue Ginger, she is presenting silver, textured pendants and necklaces inspired by large seeds and pods from trees for example, Brazil nuts, as well as some imagined forms.
Michaela McMillan
Michaela creates highly embellished and detailed sculptures for interiors with storytelling themes. Her narratives are based on both fact and fiction, and influenced by the materials she uses - which are all recycled, reclaimed or donated
Julia Manning
Julia studied fine art at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, and for over 40 years has earned a living with a paint brush! She now focuses on her work as an artist-printmaker, interpreting observations of the environment around her and translating into print. Julia has prints in the collections of The British Embassy in Paris, The British Museum, The Ashmoleum, and the House of Lords. She is a full member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and the Society of Wildlife Artists.
Eleanor Bartleman
Eleanor studied ceramics at Glasgow School of Art. Her work is figurative and has a strong narrative running through it, influenced by myth, legend and fable, the sources are in human spirit, character and relationship, often portrayed by animal forms. The individual pieces are hand modelled from porcelain and decorated with slips and stains. They are fired to 1260C after which they are finished with lusters and precious metals.
Henrietta Corbett
Henrietta lives and works in rural Leicestershire, she makes ceramics, paintings and prints. Her imagery consists of simple yet dynamic forms. Her totemic creatures, her stylised animals and birds stand, or are forged in the abstracted landscape, much like the cave paintings or the chalk figures carved on a steep hillside.
Jeanne Jackson
Jeanne uses a scraffito technique to draw images of exotic birds onto her pots. The images she designs are developed from drawings during travels to Central America and Africa. Each item is unique, decorative and functional. She is a member of Oxfordshire Craft Guild.
Elly Mental
Elly makes wonderfully whimsical resin jewellery. All her jewellery designs are based on her personal interests of mostly animals mixed with a little bit of victoriana, Scandinavian influence and literature!
Carey Moon
Carey makes ceramics using porcelain to throw bowls of various sizes. 'The bowl shape suits my purposes for the kind of decoration I like to do, which is inspired by nature and sometimes incorporates poetry or text.' Each piece is thrown on the potter’s wheel and trimmed. The pots are ‘bisque’ fired to 1000 degrees, then dipped in transparent glaze and fired to 1240 degrees. Recent work has been mostly black and white but Carey will use more colour in response to the Jungle theme.
Rae Stevens
Rae Stevens’ work can be purely representational or of a slightly more fantastical, quirky nature with a strong narrative element to it. It is almost always inspired by the animal kingdom around us.
Rae mostly works in watercolour and pen and ink but has started using various mixed media and collage recently. She is currently in her final year studying Fine Art at Hereford College of Art.
Hannah Willow
Hannah is an artist and jeweller living in wild Wiltshire, inspired by the ancient magical landscape in which she lives. Barrows, tumps, carved white chalk hill horses, the abundant wildlife, folklore and the mythology of the British Isles all form the foundation of her work.
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